Meet our new case design
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At a glance

🌱 Reduced carbon footprint

🌱 Fully recyclable at home

🌱 No more buttons

🌱 Stronger and sleeker

Say hello to our new case

We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop our new case, in response to your helpful feedback!

Our new case is smaller

We've significantly reduced our use of plastic and aluminium, contributing to a 22% reduction in both of those materials. The new design is also 20% ligher, which directly translates to reduced emissions during shopping - a win-win for both you and the environment! It's also more portable and travel friendly.

Our new case is fully recyclable at home

We've improved the sustainability credentials to make sure that if you're ever ready to dispose of your case, you can simply take it apart and separate the aluminium from the inner plastic parts and recycle them at home.

Our new case is easier

We've removed the side buttons for a more intuitive and inclusive design. When you want to put in a new refill, just wind down and pull the the base out. We've also increased the size of the base to make it easier to grip, further increasing it's accessibility. Our twisting mechanism has also been reinforced, making it more robust and reliable.

Our new case holds the same refills

Don't worry! Although our new case is a bit smaller, it still perfectly fits all of our refills so you don't need to worry about your refill stock that's sitting in your cupboard!

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