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Full video available here

Step 1: Twist the base of the case left until you cannot twist it any further.

Step 2: Squeeze the buttons on either side of the case and pull the base down and out.

Step 3: Take a deodorant refill, remove the lid, and give it a gentle squeeze to loosen the product from its casing. Store your spare refills in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Step 4: Place the refill firmly onto the base of the case, so that it sits securely in place.

Step 5: Slide the body back over the refill and base until the buttons click back into position.

Step 6: To use the deodorant, remove the lid of the case and twist the base right to push up 2-3mm of the product.

Step 7: Apply a couple of swipes to clean, dry armpits and enjoy Wild-ly fresh pits.

Ready to refill your case?

To refill your case, twist the base of the case left until you cannot twist it any further. You should be twisting it back down to its starting position. Open up the case again and remove the empty refill. The empty refill can be home composted or put in the paper recycling ♻️

*If you are still struggling to open your case, please email us with the issue and a member of the team will be in touch. *

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