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Mini Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom Shampoo Bar Trio

20 washes each


  • 🌱

    Made with natural ingredients

    Enriched with natural ingredients like Sweet almond oil & jojoba oil

  • 🚿

    Long-lasting nourishment

    Softens hair and smell incredible long after you get out of the shower

  • βš—οΈ

    Free from harsh chemicals - Jun 23 *new*

    Vegan and powered by plants, without any parabens or sulfates and a pH level that matches your hair's natural one.

  • ♻️

    Planet friendly

    Lasts 2-3 times longer than liquid shampoo and with no plastic packaging at all, it's a win-win.

Make your hair routine more Wild 🧼

Elevate your routine with our new mini shampoo bars. The 20g bar will last you 20 washes, longer than a regular liquid shampoo.

Fitting in the palm of your hand, the mini shampoo bars offer big results in a small package, ensuring your hair stays fresh and fabulous on-the-go.

How to use?

  • 🚿

    Step 1

    Make sure your hair is really wet

  • πŸ‘

    Step 2

    Rub the shampoo bar in your hands to activate it

  • πŸ›€

    Step 3

    Massage the bar directly into your scalp and the lengths of your hair

  • πŸ”«

    Step 4

    Continue to lather with your hands then rinse it off

Ready for the holiday season? β˜€οΈ

Set off with our new mini-sized shampoo bars that are perfect to take with you in your carry on πŸ›«

They're super travel-friendly and not counting towards any liquid restrictions, leaving more space for all your other essentials.

Fancy deodorant?

Our natural deodorant gets delivered straight to your door 🏠

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