3 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Toasted Marshmallow Scent
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3 Reasons Why You'll Love Toasted Marshmallow

1. Made With Clean Ingredients That Are Good For Your Skin

Our spooky Halloween scent smells of sweet, fluffy marshmallows toasting over a smoky campfire. Need we say s'more?

Plus our Natural deodorant is powered by nature, not parabens or aluminium salts. It's fully vegan and cruelty free.

2. Our Deodorant Is Made For Life

Our mission is to shake-up the throwaway culture of bathroom products with a reusable alternative. Our deodorant applicator is made from aluminium that will last you a lifetime.

Refill your case again and again with our 100% degradable bamboo pulp deodorant refills which we'll deliver straight to your door.

3. 24 Hours Of Effective Odour Protection

Our skincare experts have developed a formula that is scientifically proven to provide 24 hours of protection from body odour.

We've clocked up over 13,000 five star reviews from certified sweaty people so you can be confident that you'll smell great when using Wild!

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