What are you doing about plastic?

Reducing Plastic - Our Approach

Charlie and Fred started Wild from their kitchen table with a mission to take natural cosmetics mainstream. With just our personal savings and a blank piece of paper, we set a few key guiding principles.

We wanted to create products that ostensibly were very similar to mainstream products used today - no funny creams, strange application routines or need to constantly re-apply. Wild was built for the modern day conscientious consumer who wanted the same results without the downside of their normal products.  

We also wanted to create a plastic-free business from day one. After 6 weeks of research and discussions with our UK manufacturing partners we quickly realised with our shoestring budget to turn Wild into a reality we were going to have to make some compromises. So we agreed to launch with packaging that is 100% recyclable and started planning our Kickstarter campaign to help us raise the necessary funds to design our own refillable and eco-friendly packaging that would help us build Wild for the future. 

Our priorities:

  • To create products that can be reused or refilled with minimum impact on the environment.
  • Where we may need plastic, to endeavour to be 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled)
  • To minimise packaging, paper and our carbon footprint from day one.
  • To cut out single-use plastic entirely

  • We have also already been working on our glass refill roll-on range which we hope to launch in the coming weeks once we are 100% satisfied with its performance vs our original stick concept. You can see some examples below:

    Our Plastic aim:

    We are not really into vague long term commitments as it is hard for us to know where this Wild journey will take us and we never want to sound like a large corporate but we have set an internal challenge to use 80% less plastic versus traditional deodorants within 12 months of our launch. Reducing plastic waste, especially single-use is one of our founding principles and will be integral to the brand's future. Stay tuned for plenty of innovation on this front!